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The Historic Rose Garden is dedicated to the preservation of California's heritage roses.  It contains nearly 500 antique and old garden roses with particular emphasis on those roses found in abandoned sites, homesteads, cemeteries, and roadsides throughout northern California.

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Open Garden

Open Garden is coming April 18, 2015 from 9:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

The garden should be in full bloom and we will conduct tours of the roses and history tours of the cemetery.  We will have more than 500 roses for sale, plus rosy-related items and a silent auction of special roses and other goodies. All procedes go to support the Historic Rose Garden.

Stephen Scanniello on Climbing Roses

Stephen Scanniello, author of Climbing Roses, visited Sacramento on Saturday, January 17 to demonstrate his skills with climbing roses.  We were very fortunate to receive this visit from the expert on climbing roses.  He graciously spoke to visitors in the morning and the afternoon and, although it was chilly, everyone stayed to hear every word from Stephen who included fascinating tales of his experiences.  In the teaser photo, Stephen is giving 'Sally Holmes' a beautiful trim.  Be sure to visit her in April when she will come into her own.

500+ Roses

More than 500 roses have been propagated (some 95 varieties) and should be available for sale at the Open Garden on April 18.


The Historic Rose Garden consists of about 500 old garden roses.  The collection includes several species roses, including those native to California.  Many roses with study names are included; roses found on sites throughout California.  Rose lovers discovered surviving roses in neglected and abandoned sites (pioneer cemeteries, old homesteads mining camps, etc.).  Cuttings were taken (with permission, when available), the roses grown, identified (where possible) and planted in the cemetery.  Many remain unidentified and may be unknown in modern times or perhaps "bird drops" or cuttings ro

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Cemetery Musk Seedling

We're propagating this rose. A unique seedling that appeared in our garden about ten years ago, it continuously bears clusters of single flowers with a strong spicy fragrance.  Without pruning, it's grown into a fountain-shaped shrub about five feet tall and six feet wide.  It can be kept smaller with moderate pruning and shaping.  A great landscape rose!


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